Conservative Judaism

Conservative Judaism is Judaism at its best! Unlike the more liberal streams of Judaism, it does not seek to dispense with time honored Jewish laws & traditions but rather, it seeks to adapt Jewish law & ancient customs to modern living. Unlike the more reactionary streams of Judaism, Conservative Judaism does not wish to freeze our understanding of the law & the tradition into one narrow viewpoint or era but rather, it allows Judaism to grow & evolve in a meaningful way. We are vital, we are thriving, & we have a lot to offer. Are we right for you? Explore these links and find out.

The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs

The Jewish Theological Seminary of America

The Masorti Movement (in Israel)

Mercaz USA

The Rabbinical Assembly

Ramah Camps

Solomon Schechter Day Schools

The Shirley & Jacob Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center

The United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism

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